Budget talks are heating up in North Riverside and the rookie trustees are out to make dramatic changes and names for themselves, while the veteran trustees and showing their strength and unity. Whoa Nellie!

Times have changes quickly and there is a lot of work to do, but talks of 25-percent wage cuts and massive changes are a bit out of line.

Everyone needs to remember that we are all into this together and that North Riverside is so very special. The great bonding between the village administration, rec department, police and fire departments, public works and the library with most of the residents – that many things are so good that it’s almost like Mayberry, but even better.

Leaders like Guy Belmonte, Mayor Krochmal, Carol Spale, the trustees, police and fire chiefs, Sue Frampton, all the department heads and staffs are amore like friends and relatives than village bosses and politicians.

It’s so good, let’s not mess it up, but only improve it.

Changes are needed, we know that, but let’s also use logic, reason and goodness. Working together the right way will go a long way to keep North Riverside extra special. Supreme efforts give the best results. Walk quietly into the night with all senses fine-tuned to the maximum.

James Zak
North Riverside