It’s nice to hear a success story now and then, and the landscape efforts of Riverside Springs Ahead is one of them. Last year, in one of the biggest volunteer efforts in Riverside’s history, individuals and local organizations and businesses joined forces to renovate the landscaping in our downtown business district.

At the time, Terri Lynne-Culloden, a driving force behind the effort, taught us a saying about perennials: “The first year they sleep, the second they creep and the third they leap.” Well this is only their second year, and the planter beds already look great. Makes me look forward to Leap Year.

Many people have pitched in to care for the planter beds. Dave Moreau at Grumpy’s has been especially devoted to keeping things watered along Burlington, and members of the Chamber of Commerce have helped in weeding.

In early spring, RBHS’ SEE Team helped mulch the beds, and in June the Riverside Springs Ahead Day volunteers spruced things up even more. Meanwhile, Jill Mateo and Bob Finn tackled the overgrown planter bed at the back of the police parking lot and redeemed what was a weed infested mess.

Thank you to the many volunteers who have worked side by side with our Public Works Department (especially our village forester, Mike Collins) on these projects. Your efforts have made our village more beautiful and our downtown more welcoming. The results are visible proof of what we can accomplish when we are optimistic about our village and work together in common cause.

Ben Sells

Ben Sells is a Riverside village trustee.