Former Cook County Board Commissioner Tony Peraica has put his Riverside home up for sale. According to the real estate listing Peraica is asking $949,900 for his 4,500-square-foot, six-bedroom home located on Scottswood Road in Riverside’s First Division.

Peraica served two terms on the Cook County Board before losing his bid for reelection last November. He has lived in Riverside for the past 20 years.

He says that he no longer needs such a large home or the tax bill that comes with it.

“Both of our children are now adults and have moved out on their own,” Peraica said. “With my wife and I the only ones left in a large home we have a lot more space than we really have a need for.”

The real estate listing indicates that the annual property tax bill on Peraica’s home is $16,529.

“The taxes are really outrageous, in my opinion,” Peraica said.

According to the listing, the home has three full bathrooms, two half bathrooms and a finished basement. It also has vaulted/cathedral ceilings, a skylight and a sauna/steam room.

The Cook County Assessor’s website describes the basement of the home as unfinished and lists the home as being only 2,828 square feet.

But Lyons Township Assessor Barbara Weyrick says that the assessor does not assess below grade level and does not consider basements in their square-footage figures.

She said that could explain the discrepancy between the information on the real estate listing and on the assessor’s website.

“I don’t know where they get that information unless they are now adding the full finished basement into the square footage, and they could because sometimes Multiple Listing [Service] don’t do what we have down,” Weyrick said.

Peraica said that the basement was finished when he bought the home.

“The basement is as it has been, more or less, except for a couple improvements since we bought the place,” Peraica said. “I haven’t really done anything to change the information that’s contained within the records.”

In April, Peraica filed, along with the group Taxpayers United of America, a lawsuit against Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208, charging that the district violated his rights and state law by using district resources to advocate for yes votes in the April tax referendum for RBHS.

Peraica says that he intends to move out of Riverside when the home sells.

“That’s the idea,” Peraica said.

But he said that he may not be leaving Riverside any time soon.

“I can tell you that things are not selling, so I may be there for a good long time,” Peraica said.

Andrew Spiegel, the attorney representing Peraica and Taxpayers United in their lawsuit says that Peraica moving out of District 208 would not affect the lawsuit, because Peraica was a resident of District 208 when the alleged acts that are the subject of the lawsuit took place and lived in District 208 when the lawsuit was filed.