In the past few years there seems to have been a steady increase in bicyclists riding through Riverside and the adjacent suburbs. They seem to be unaware of the fact that they need to obey stop signs and traffic lights.

I’ve had several instances where a bicyclist blows a stop sign then swears at me as he cuts in front of my car. I’ve also seen people riding bikes on the busy streets during rush hour forcing motorists to have to change lanes to avoid hitting them. (I must clarify that these are streets that do not have a bike lane).

I recently saw one gentleman obeying the rules of the road while riding his bike and even used proper hand signals to indicate turns and stops. I made a point of thanking him.

I think it’s time to remind people that bicyclists need to follow the rules of the road if they wish to ride on the street in traffic. Most importantly, kids need to understand this. Hopefully the village will find a way to create public awareness regarding this issue, which could ultimately save lives.

Christina Matyskela