This is in response to North Riverside Trustee Rocco DeSantis’ letter (“Who is looking out for N. Riverside residents,” Opinion, July 13).

First, Trustee DeSantis said he ran saying no tax hikes for residents, yet in our first budget meeting, he admonished the board for not raising taxes for the last 20 years, while he appeals his taxes every year.

Secondly, the police chief has had an assistant for over 20 years. Next, as a member of the recreation committee, Trustee DeSantis should know the recreation department has been working with one less full-time position for over a year and that the part-time position being requested is a replacement position, not an addition to the department and does not include healthcare benefits.

Finally, it has been a long-standing practice that elected officials are eligible to participate, if they so choose, in the village’s healthcare program during their term. As one of the trustees that Trustee DeSantis is complaining about, I have participated for the last two years at the same cost that active, non-union employees contribute.

Together, let’s get on with the business of trying to keep the village afloat in these tough economic times.

Joan Sargent
North Riverside
Joan Sargent is a North Riverside village trustee.