The Landscape Advisory Commission has identified 156 beds and triangles in Riverside that are available through their Adopt-A-Bed program, which allows volunteers to help beautify our town through weeding, mulching and/or planting.

One such bed, next to the Youth Center, was a large overgrown thicket of weeds. Through a collective effort, it is now a beautiful bed.

I would like to thank Terri Lynne-Culloden and Bob Finn for design ideas, Bob Finn and Ben Sells for help clearing the bed, Public Works Department for delivering mulch, Riverside Ascension Church and Hampshire Farms for low-cost plants, and the Riverside Fire Department for watering.

Beds transformed last year through Riverside Springs Ahead can also be adopted for ongoing weeding and maintenance.

Anyone, regardless of gardening experience, can adopt a bed or triangle.

See this site for details:

Jill Mateo