Every potential candidate talks vaguely about reducing spending, cutting taxes and eliminating bureaucracy. Never do we hear of basic proposals or applications. Here are some ideas that may instantly be incorporated to restore our economy and implement fiscal sanity.

Demand that the president implement a price control on gasoline, reducing immediately the cost to consumers to $2.50 or less a gallon.

Provide incentives to our gas companies and other energy providers to develop our own resources.

Rejuvenate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to provide financing based on current values and only to capable buyers on strict underwriting. This will eat up our huge foreclosed homes inventory and result in a start-up of our building and construction industry. The reduction of unemployment will improve the economy and increase tax revenues.

Do not interfere with Social Security or Medicare except to carefully monitor eligibility to remove drug addicts or other cheats from the system.

Develop a tort reform system to limit judgment levels, reduce legal fees to attorneys and require costs of litigation to be paid by the loser.

Implement term limits. The opportunity to serve must be limited to two terms.

Reform immigration beginning with border control. Place our military training facilities along the borders. Combine training with guard duty to prevent further infiltration. Insist on appropriate application and regulation for legal entry and citizenship. Require that English be recognized as the official language of America.

Educational facilities must be tested annually to ensure students are receiving a quality education. Teachers’ tenure should be subject to cancellation based on the teachers’ ability to achieve results.

An immediate review of old, obsolete and unnecessary programs should be made and the programs should be cancelled and closed down one by one. This will result in immediate savings and a gradual reduction of the deficit.

If a consistent effort is made in these areas, America will see a rebirth based upon freedom, individual independence and increased productivity.

Richard A. Dolejs