People are faithful to their hairdressers and barbers and never switch. People are also faithful to their “eggman.”

Your recent article about me (“Green eggs and fun,” News, Aug. 17) did not increase my egg sales that much, because a lot of people already have an “eggman” and will not switch. Because of your article, over 100 people who never spoke with me before came up and talked to me. Thank you. Their stories were generational, of age 40 years and older and how it was their “job” to collect the eggs when they were younger.

The memories brought back to the storytellers sometimes were almost tearful as it made them recollect happy childhood years with grandma and grandpa or aunts and uncles and summers on the farm. (Sad that today these kids have nobody on the farm).

Please thank everyone on your staff for the “fun loving” article about a chicken farmer and how it touched the hearts of many who might not have thought about those times if you had not printed the article. Sometimes articles are more powerful and thoughtful than a person would think.

P.S. Please tell your subscribers I’ll have mums and pumpkins later this fall.

Chuck “The Eggman” Barman
Brookfield Farmers Market