A man armed with a large kitchen knife robbed a Riverside convenience store of between $60 and $80 early Thursday morning, police said.

Riverside police said a man walked into the 7-Eleven at 2600 Harlem Ave., brandished a large knife and demanded money from the clerk. Neither the clerk nor a customer at the counter making a purchase at the time was harmed, and police said the customer left the scene after the robbery.

The offender wore a black bandanna on his head and a blue bandanna over his face, obscuring it almost completely. He wore a dark-colored jacket with some sort of rectangular patch on the right arm, black cargo pants and black shoes. Notably, the man wore a white glove on his left hand and a black glove on his right hand.

According to Detective Sgt. David Krull, the man walked into the store with the knife displayed and immediately said, “Give me all your money. Hurry up. I want all of it.”

The robbery was over within a minute, said Krull. After the offender left, the clerk reportedly finished ringing up the customer, who was reportedly on break from the Edward Don Company, which is across the street. The customer was gone by the time police arrived.

Police believe the robbery may be linked to one committed at the same store on Oct. 5, 2010. In that incident, a knife-wielding man wearing a “Scream”-style Halloween mask robbed the 7-Eleven of $250. He was wearing a white mitten on one hand and a black mitten on his left.

“We’re not ruling it out,” said Krull. “The two different gloves, it’s just too coincidental.”

Robbery Poster