Career con man William M. O’Connor is back in state prison after pleading guilty on Oct. 7 to passing a bad check at a Riverside gift store back in 2009.

O’Connor, 48, of Chicago wrote a check for $1,265 to buy a ring at Coveny Lane, 30 E. Burlington St., on Jan. 9, 2009. In February, the store’s owner went to police after the check was returned. The account had been closed for two years.

Riverside police issued a warrant for O’Connor’s arrest and had been trying to track him down since. In August, police learned that he was staying at a hotel in the 1400 block of West Diversey Parkway in Chicago, and on Aug. 20 they took him into custody without incident.

Appearing before Judge Carol Kipperman at the Maybrook courthouse, O’Connor pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years, said Weitzel. In addition, O’Connor is believed to be involved in several other cases and still has four warrants issued for his arrest. Those cases may be handled after he serves his time for the Riverside incident or while he is imprisoned, Weitzel said.

O’Connor has a long criminal record, including more than 30 arrests and 14 previous convictions, mostly for fraudulent activity.