By the time you read this column, your Thanksgiving turkey will be stuffed and possibly, depending on the time, so will you. Each year I devote a column to what I have deemed “the forgotten holiday – Thanksgiving.” I do this, feeling, much like the late Andy Rooney, that Halloween is barely off the shelves and the merchants throw us right into Christmas, carols and all. Not that I don’t like Christmas, but I like to take my seasons as they come – you know like only buying winter clothes when it is cold. Probably not practical, but then what is practical? So here goes.

Christmas tends to be directed at things, Thanksgiving is more about the food. We are traditional, no matter how many new recipes I cut out and won’t use. The bird is husband Joe’s job, as is the stuffing. FYI: If it is in the bird, it is stuffing. If it is outside the bird, it is dressing. It is one of his favorite things to cook.

Daughter Tina will be making her grandmother’s sweet potato recipe. She does it well and owns the bowl they fit into. Son Michael and his family will bring along another dish or two.

All will bring their appetites. While we are seated at the table waiting, husband Joe will be in the kitchen carving and eating, so by the time he and the bird arrive at the table, he is not hungry, but the rest of us are famished.

Dessert will be traditional also, pumpkin and apple pies. My dad would always bring a mince pie, which none of us ate except him, which is why he brought it. Fair enough. No mince at the Kosey table!

We will begin the meal with grace. Don’t know whose turn it is, and conversation will drift to Thanksgivings past as we make new memories. We will remember those who are no longer with us and those who are new to the table – baby McKenna, her first Thanksgiving, and Tyler Sylvester from Michigan. We will proclaim that we will not eat for days, but a few hours later a cold turkey sandwich sounds great!

So here’s to you, Dan Haley, Bob Uphues, the Landmark staff, and all my readers. I am thankful for you all.

Don’t forget, Saturday, Nov. 26 is Shop Local Saturday. You will be thankful for all the neat things you’ll find without all the hassle. Support you local Chamber of Commerce. They will be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!