Tree City USA? Think again. The “sage” leaders of Brookfield think it most wise to hire Bluder Tree Service on a regular basis to “trim” the parkway trees. I understand the need to trim branches that may compromise or fall on power lines or resident homes. This makes good sense to keep trees and homes safe.

However, we watched Bluder systematically chop down random branches on each and every tree on my block – where there are no power lines – no matter the size or age of the tree. They cut seven branches off a newly planted maple that was barely 15 feet tall, and gouged several areas of the trunk in the process – not a good prognosis for a young tree. They cut all but the top canopy off a 60-foot oak.

Very few of the cuts made on any of the trees were either for safety or aesthetic reasons. When we asked the crew why they were cutting all these branches off, they had no answer. When we asked to speak to the arborist who was supervising the cutting, there was no arborist present. When we asked why this was being done so late in the season when the sap was still running but hard frost was imminent and the trees might be in jeopardy, there was no answer.

When we called the village to ask why this was being done, the answer was that it was being done for public safety. I walked two blocks of my neighborhood, and 80 percent of the branches removed were less than 4 inches in diameter. How hazardous could those branches possibly be?

Tree City USA? It seems more to me that someone needed some business thrown their way. Money that could have been better spent on paving streets or fixing alleys has been wasted butchering our parkway trees.

Neighbors and friends, if Bluder has already come through your street, go out and look at what they have cut down from your trees. Call the village and complain. Don’t stand by and let them randomly “prune” trees just to have something to get paid for. If we give a voice, maybe they will listen.

Stand up for the trees!

Robin O’Malley
Past president, Brookfield Garden Club