What is up with Brookfield? Nothing. I really wish Brookfield village officials, specifically President Garvey, would look at what the surrounding towns around us are doing.

Berwyn has redeveloped Cermak Road, Roosevelt Road and the Depot District, bringing in numerous new small businesses, along with big chain restaurants and stores. They even have an advertising campaign, “Berwyn Rising,” with ads in local papers and even billboards in the city of Chicago.

Lyons has started the redevelopment of Ogden Avenue. What is Brookfield doing? A drive down Ogden Avenue in Brookfield is not very impressive with the numerous run-down motels and even more vacant storefronts and overgrown lots.

The local businesses that have been trying to stay and open near the train have had roadblock after roadblock set up for them by the town, during a time when other towns are offering incentives to open and stay in their towns.

I believe in Brookfield and what it could be. We just need the guidance and support from the village officials to get there.

Marcey Kusper