I think I have a handle on it -the holidays, that is – and seem to be on task and on schedule, at least for now, though I know that won’t last.

As I was doing some of my shopping, I had a wave of nostalgia drift over me remembering how different it was to shop years ago. Now we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, shop-’til-your-fingers-drop off on-line shopping and gift cards you can get at the drug store so you don’t have to shop at all.

However, “way back when” it was a trip to Marshall Field’s downtown (and don’t we all miss Field’s?) to see the holiday windows and see the big tree inside the store. You would stand in line to see Santa Claus and then stand in line to eat in the Walnut Room; if  you were lucky you got to sit near the tree.

For some reason or another we didn’t mind standing in line. Today we don’t like to stand in line no matter what it’s for. Lunch was always great. Mom would have the Field’s Special, a salad with the store’s own dressing, similar to Thousand Island dressing but it tasted different and better.

I liked the kid menu and would have the chicken croquette, which was loosely shaped like a chicken, with, I think, mashed potatoes. Dessert was whatever looked good, which was everything.

We would stroll around the store spending considerable amount of time on the fourth floor, which just happened to be where the toys were. It was too close to Christmas to get anything, big but a Slinky would satisfy me. Field’s and Christmas also brings to mind Uncle Mistletoe, I wonder what ever happened to him and Aunt Holly?

Well I have digressed enough and now must get back to what I should be doing, although it is fun to remember those things that are memories, and good ones at that, as we look forward to making new memories.

Now if I can only find where I put those lists so I can check them twice to see where I am. Ho, ho, ho!