In response to the letter in the Nov. 30 Landmark pertaining to the irresponsible tree trimming: The storm on July 27, 2011 at 12:45 a.m. sent two massive sycamore trees from the parkway onto our house and two of our cars.

My daughter, who had just come downstairs, was inches away from her bedroom window where one of the trees crushed our roof and impaled the porch. The other tree fell, hit the house and ended up in the driveway totaling two cars. Branches went through the windshield, dashboard and even the firewall. We literally were running for our lives. Luckily, no one was hurt and we’re grateful it was the only house and cars.

Early the next morning, Bluder’s Tree Service was here to clear the disaster away. They worked for hours clearing the two 80-foot plus trees from our property. We could hardly go out the front door since one of the trees was blocking the exit since it went through the roof and into our porch.

Bluder’s Tree Service’s crew made it safe for us to go out and assess the damage. In my opinion, more branches on a tree make it more like an umbrella. It was not lighting but the wind that took out those trees. I am a nature lover. However, on windy days, I look at the trees a lot differently now. Being a lifetime resident of Brookfield for the past 50 years, I also like the Tree City USA Award.

I believe when trees are near homes they should be managed for the safety of the residents.

George Caithamer