I’m writing in regards to a letter I’ve recently read in the Landmark paper, specifically the letter about Bluder’s tree service and the village’s practices.

Quite frankly, I was appalled and a little taken back by these allegations. I’ve been a part of Brookfield for almost 25 years and currently own multiple properties in this village and have never had a problem with the village or Bluder’s Tree Service. Furthermore, I can honestly say that Bluder’s Tree Service has done work on every property I’ve ever owned in Brookfield and I have experienced only positive results.

Everyone knows that the storms over the last few years have been rough on the community from flooding basements to fallen trees, and this year was no exception. I almost lost two trees after a large storm came through last summer at my home in the 3300 block of Sunnyside.

I say “almost,” because although one was completely gone, Herb Bluder and his crew somehow managed to save one of them. It really meant a lot to me that they were able to save at least one of my trees, mainly because my father had planted these by hand 25 years ago.

Over the years I’ve referred Bluder’s tree service to many friends and family and have received only praise for his work.

In the tradesman world there’s an ongoing saying that you have to go through 10 contractors to find a good one. Well, anyone who knows Herb Bluder knows that he is the one good one.

Anthony Carroso
West Chicago