Tis the week before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, including my spouse. The stockings that should be hanging with care are now still lying across a big chair.

With cards to be sent and gifts to be wrapped, I’d much rather be just taking a nap. Paper and ribbons and bows all around, the scissors and tape have yet to be found. My list was not long, or so I thought, but somehow there are more gifts to be bought.

The tree has been up for almost a week, but without all the ornaments it looks kind of bleak. It’s artificial and came fully lit. But it’s the only kind of tree we’re going to “git”. Husband Joe did the garland just yesterday, so it’s my turn for ornaments – that will be today.

Time will tell how many the tree will don, and as time grows short not all will go on. I choose all the favorites and place them with care; I think yes over here, and no over there. A star for the top is just the right thing. It’s made simply of felt, without any bling.

Santas and snowmen, garland and bows, let’s see if I remember where everything goes. Red candles will make the season seem right, with a mood-setting flame that is not all too bright. The mistletoe hung right over the door might see some who get kissed asking for more. I am sure the decorating all soon will get done, and then we can settle down to the real fun.

Family and friends give truth to the season, and love all around is the best of all reasons.

So, running out of rhyme and running out of time, here is my holiday message for you:

It is truly better to give than receive, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want some little something under the tree or in our stocking.

Gifts can sometimes last for a short time (and if you didn’t get the batteries some won’t last long at all), but giving of yourself can last a lifetime. A kind word, a smile, a call or an email doesn’t cost much of anything, but it can be worth a million. Readers, your continued support and comments are a gift to me and for that I thank you. Sometimes I intend for this column to be a gift to you, and I hope it is well received.

Now I have to call Santa. There are a few people who have lost the Christmas spirit and need to be moved from the nice list to the naughty list; you know who you are. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and to all a good night!

I don’t know about Santa, but I’m tired!