The holidays are over, snow is falling and winter is here. The past two months were fantastic, the usual great times with friends, family and neighbors. The overwhelming pleasant, courteous and out-and-out great service from the library people, the North Riverside village administration and village office people, the recreation department, all police and fire personnel, and how about public works, always moving and shaking yet willing to help us all verbally or physically whenever possible.

The churches, village senior programs and all other groups shared this great spirit. But mostly it’s the residents and parishioners who give so freely to help others.

Wait a minute; I’m thinking of this great spirit over the past two months only. In reality, everything I mentioned goes on every day throughout North Riverside without fail.

To top it off, we even have a great newspaper, the Landmark, which reports these good things as well as being on top of all other news.

We are truly blessed, and I’m sincerely thankful for all of this.

Jim Zak
North Riverside