For the second time in three years, a team from St. Paul Lutheran School in Brookfield has placed in the top five in the regional round of the Future City competition, a student design challenge sponsored by Chicago’s engineering community.

The seventh-grade team of Deidre Lee, Raymond Greco and Seth Montanez took second place overall with their project, Dynamocity, which focused on tidal steam generators. They also won awards for Most Innovative Structure and Best Transportation System.

Meanwhile, a team of seventh- and eighth-graders, including Annika Wassilak, Emmerson Doody, Lauren Paisker and Ashley O’Brien won several awards for their its entry, Electrodelphia, which focused on geothermal energy.

The project won awards for Best Computer Design City, Chicago’s GO TO 2040 Plan Implementation (2nd place), Most Innovative Design for delivery of Municipal Services, Excellence in Transportation Safety and Operations, Most Innovative Fire Protection and the Environmental Award.

Teams from more than 20 Chicago-area middle school and two from Missouri competed in the challenge, which was held Jan. 21 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Students were charged with designing a future city using the SimCity computer software and building a three-dimensional table-top model to scale.