Brookfield-Lyons School District 103 has released the contract for its new superintendent, Mary Jo Vladika. The school board voted to appoint Vladika, who currently serves as District 103’s director of curriculum, at its meeting on Jan. 23.

In addition to a hefty raise in salary, Vladika will continue to have her personal pension contribution to the Teachers Retirement System paid by the district. The district will also continue to pay 100 percent of Vladika’s health insurance coverage, a perk afforded to all District 103 administrators.

The contract approved by the board in January is a three-year deal, beginning July 1 and ending June 30, 2015. Vladika’s salary, which may be reviewed and raised each year, will be $155,000 for the 2012-13 school year. According to the terms of the contract, the salary can be adjusted upward, but not downward, in subsequent years.

That represents a base pay raise of 64 percent over Vladika’s current salary as director of curriculum. According to the administrative salary statement on the District 103 website, Vladika’s base salary for 2011-12 is $94,559.

In addition, the district will pay 9.4 percent of Vladika’s salary to the TRS for Vladika’s required annual contribution to the fund. For the 2011-12 school year, the district will pay $12,023 in pension contributions for Vladika as curriculum director.

That number is expected to rise closer to $20,000 next year as she moves into the superintendent’s role. Michael Warner, the district’s current superintendent, is paid a salary of $166,141. The district’s pension contribution for Warner in 2011-12 is just over $21,500.

District 103 will continue to pay 100 percent of Vladika’s health insurance premiums for both her and her family, along with 100 percent of dental coverage. In 2011-12 the district’s contributions toward heath insurance premiums for Vladika is $16,168.

Vladika will also be given $2,000 annually as reimbursement for “intradistrict transportation costs.” She will be afforded 20 vacation days, three personal days and 18 sick days per year. Unused sick days can accumulate up to a maximum of 360.

The contract states that it is a “performance-based” deal and outlines goals for Vladika during her tenure as superintendent.

Those goals include evaluating the current curriculum, recommending new programs and submitting quarterly reports to the board on new curricular trends. The superintendent must also make sure programs for special needs students are effective.

The superintendent will need to submit budgets that are “designed to improve student learning opportunities.” And finally, it will be Vladika’s job to improve communication to parents, community members and staff and to foster “an increasingly positive climate of respect” within the district.

District 103 operates five elementary schools and a middle school, serving approximately 2,450 students from Lyons, Stickney, McCook, Forest View and the southeast quarter of Brookfield.