The story in the Feb. 8 Landmark about parents stepping up to restore the math and art clubs at Riverside-Brookfield High School (“Parents step up to save RBHS math, art clubs” News, Feb. 8) is at once inspiring and on the other hand very frustrating. It is inspiring that parents got together to fund the clubs and overcame the obstacles to getting the clubs back in action.

It is frustrating that some people and the Landmark editor (“Striking a balance,” The Landmark View, Feb. 8) think that this is unfair to other clubs and activities that did not take any action or that possibly could not afford to fund them.

Why is it unfair for people to use their ingenuity and resources to make something happen? Why must we think that if one group or person has something, everyone should have it?

This attitude of entitlement is the same that is prevalent in our country today that if the Jones have something than we must all work together (pay for) the Smiths to have it also.

After making sure that the needs of the truly poor and needy are met, let’s let creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness be the rule again.

Jane Dolezal