On Jan. 1, 2012 it became illegal for waste haulers to dump electronic items such as TV, computers, printers, videogame consoles, VCRS and the like into landfills. Those items contain toxic materials such as lead, chromium, mercury. Without proper disposal, those materials can contaminate ground water and cause other environmental problems.

In response, the village of Riverside now provides a place where residents can dispose of electronic items. Allied Waste has placed dumpster specifically for electronic items at the Riverside Public Works facility, 3860 Columbus Blvd. in Riverside Lawn.

The facility is on the south bank of the Des Plaines River and can be reached via 39th Street, immediately south and east of the Barrypoint bridge. Just follow the street all the way to the end and turn left into the public works facility.

Residents can drop off items from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.