No one can deny navigating Riverside’s streets can be troublesome to someone who is not familiar to the area. Actually, even those who are familiar with the area at times find it troublesome. The narrow streets were not constructed with the foresight that people would own more than one car per household – more cars more traffic.

Avoiding traffic in Riverside can be accomplished if you know how to do it – by avoiding times when school starts and school lets out and staying out of the center of town.

If you think it gets bad now, I would like to bring you back to the time when the small triangle park where Longcommon Road leads into Forest Avenue was not there. It was an at-risk situation to say the least. The present arrangement works if you know what you are doing and heed other drivers and pedestrians. It is easy to spot someone who is unfamiliar with the crossing; they have a petrified look on their faces and move either extremely cautiously or just go for it.

Brookfield has an area which creates a fear factor of its own for drivers – Eight Corners. It’s hard to believe it once did not have the circle as a guide to get you from one street to another.

My best recollection of that time was getting to the intersection(s) and waiting until what I hoped would be a safe time and just going. Of course, one relied on the courtesy of other drivers to help make crossing possible. Today with so many drivers having distractions – texting, cellphones and the like – it might not be as possible. So to whomever designed the circle, I thank you.

North Riverside does not have any treacherous sections unless you count the one at 26th Street and First Avenue, heading north around the curve toward 26th. Generally, their nice straight streets make it easy to find your way. There are cautionary speed bumps on some streets which can be reminders to slow it down.

If you say they have too many stop signs, too bad. It keeps speeders at a minimum and is a safety measure for residents. But here is a little tip, be warned to go the speed limit on 26th street from Desplaines Avenue going west. It can sometimes be referred to as a speed trap. Oh, and make sure you come to a full stop at each of the stop signs west of First Avenue. Don’t ask me how I know this.