Kudos to Dorothy Kalous for taking the time to raise an issue which a lot of other people are only privately questioning. (“Electronic sign would be a mistake,” Letters, Feb. 22). Her points are valid, and the subject deserves more discussion.

Riverside’s administration announced recently that it is preparing to restart the planning conversation, which was interrupted by the onset of the recession.

Many suggestions have been offered to not only promote the re-development of the downtown business district but also to encourage the appearance of non-residents in numbers.

The sign proposal for First and Forest avenues is only one idea among many, including a TOD (transportation district) to provide more commuter parking; a TIF (tax increment financing) to provide infrastructure improvement for private commercial development; partnering with Brookfield Zoo to attract tourists; bike paths through town connected to a bridge over First Avenue at Forest to connect riders to other area paths; repeal of the no-picnicking ordinance; the creation of a dog park; and improvements to Swan Pond.

The electorate must be fully informed in order to make the right decisions, which means thoroughly airing any proposal before adoption. Readers should invest the time to become acquainted with the issues and join the debate on these pages. Question authority, and express your opinion.

Some proposals have the potential to alter the fundamental character of the village and thereby impact the quality of life in Riverside, and although they may not elicit the same level of emotional response that accompanies school quality/taxpayer issues, in the long run they are just as important.

Terence M. Heuel