I was very disappointed with your story about the Republican primary candidates running in the 3rd Congressional District.

As one of those candidates mentioned in the story, I had considerably more to say than what you reported on. My campaign is about current issues, the most important being a new war, this time with Iran.

The fact is, the incumbent Democrat, Mr. Lipinski, has become one of the loudest drum majors for war with Iran in the entire House of Representatives. And that is not a mere opinion, but a fact easily verified by going to the website of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). There you will find them bragging on their latest congressional conquest.

As for Aztlan, that too is a fact. Just google that word and you will find what the real goal is behind this flood of illegal aliens pouring into our country.

Finally, as for the Holocaust – and the power of the Israeli lobby over our government – well, one is a fact and the other is a myth. I’ll leave it for your readers to decide which is which.

For detailed information on my positions in this campaign just go to my website at www.artjonesforcongress.com and judge for yourself who is the candidate dealing with the issues that you really are concerned about.

Art Jones is running in the Republican primary in the 3rd U.S. Congressional District.