The second phase of the Grand Boulevard road improvement project got off to a dusty start last week on Monroe Avenue, which has been closed to through traffic between Maple and Prairie avenues as workers began installing a new storm sewer.

In addition to the storm sewer installation, Monroe Avenue will be widened by 2 feet on each side of the median between Prairie and Park avenues. The street is being reconstructed entirely, meaning there will be new curbs and gutters installed, as well as new driveway aprons and alley entrances.

Work has had a slight effect on businesses adjacent to the construction area on Monroe Avenue. At Tischler Finer Foods, 9118 Broadway Ave., the start of construction hasnft made too much of an impact.

Since Monroe Avenue has been open to local delivery traffic, trucks are still able to get through, although some vendors have altered their delivery schedules, or they access the parking lot via Broadway instead of Monroe.

‘We get a lot of early stuff and the trucks have been able to swing around from Broadway into our lot, which is pretty big,” said owner Dennis Tischler. ‘It hasnft really been that difficult. Right now it isnft bad and everyone is working through it.”

At Off Broadway Pub, 9048 Monroe Ave., owner Rick Dahms admits hefs in the middle of the dusty start to the construction season, but hefs coping with the inconvenience.

‘Itfs definitely a dusty mess, but therefs no choice but to deal with it,” said Dahms.

So far, parking at night hasnft been an issue although construction is working its way west from Prairie Avenue.

‘Theyfve been pretty good as far as cleaning it up at the end of the day, so we can have normal parking,” Dahms said. ‘I assume at some point it wonft be completely open. Itfs unfortunate, but itfs got to be done.”

Work on Grand Boulevard itself, which will extend from 31st Street to the Veterans Circle, is not expected to break ground for another month or so. When it does, local traffic will not be allowed on Grand Boulevard and traffic will be rerouted to Maple Avenue.

The street closures to through traffic on Grand Boulevard and Monroe Avenue are expected to last until October.

Because of the road closures, Brookfield will alter traffic patterns and parking rules on certain streets during the construction. For one block on either side of Monroe Avenue, Vernon, Sunnyside, Oak, Park and Elm avenues will allow two-way traffic, in order for residents to be able to get in and out of the area.

In addition, street-sweeping restrictions will be waived on those streets during the construction period.



Plainfield Road to be resurfaced

Brookfield officials last week also announced that Plainfield Road from First Avenue to 47th Street is slated for resurfacing in 2012.

Village President Michael Garvey announced on March 12 that Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski (D-16th) was able to move the resurfacing project up on Cook County Highway Departmentfs schedule from 2013 to this year.

Bids for the work are to be opened March 21 and construction is scheduled to begin in May, according to information provided to the Landmark by Tobolskifs office. The completion date is estimated to be Aug. 10.

The scope of work includes a simple milling and resurfacing of the pavement, and the cost is estimated at $700,000. It is being funded by Cook County.