It is not hard to respect, admire and thank police for the essential work they do, and the risks they take on our behalf. On the other hand, I am having a hard time supporting Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel’s push to make the murder of a police officer a federal crime as reported in Kosey Corner March 14.

At the core of this nation is the set of laws that state that we are all equal under the law. Why should a police officer’s death get preferred, speedier treatment in federal courts?

Why is a policeman more valuable than a soldier, a fireman, an accountant, a nurse or a child. How do the surviving family members of police officers suffer more than the other family members. Should this special treatment be extended to all police, including the deskbound who do not go in harm’s way?

If there is an epidemic of cop killing, as Chief Weitzel says, then we need to find a way to stop the killing. We need to look at parole laws, prison overcrowding, recidivism, jobs, gun laws, etc.

If the state courts are too slow, as Weitzel believes, then we need to find ways to speed them up for all of us, not just police officers.

Craig Goldwyn