Brookfield Village Manager Riccardo Ginex announced March 22 that longtime public works employee Kevin McCarthy has been promoted to the newly created position of assistant superintendent of operations.

McCarthy, a foreman who just began his 28th year as an employee of the Brookfield Public Works Department, will assume the new title on April 1. He will oversee the department’s operations until a new superintendent can be hired.

Throughout his years with the village’s public works department, McCarthy has handled everything from snow removal to infrastructure repairs. He is also in charge of the village’s water operations.

The promotion comes in the wake of the death of the department’s former superintendent, Al Kitzer, who died March 2 after battling cancer. While Kitzer was out ill, since December 2011, Ginex said he met with McCarthy on a daily basis to direct the department’s activities.

Even before Kitzer’s death, Ginex said, he contemplated creating an assistant superintendent position to give the superintendent more help directing the department. Kitzer was the only non-union employee in the department.

On April 1, McCarthy will leave the union as well. His annual salary will be $80,000. The position will remain part of the departmental structure after a new superintendent is hired, said Ginex.

There’s no timetable for hiring a new superintendent at this time, but Ginex said that search process for candidates should take place “in the next few months.”