In reference to the March 28, 2012 article titled “Veteran RBHS teacher opts to retire in June,” I have some concerns.

While I am confident that the teacher in question is well versed in his subject and probably has developed effective techniques for disseminating the information, nevertheless, a 2011-12 school year payout of approximately $194,000 ($146,000 in salaries, $23,000 in TRS pension payments and a $25,000 buyout) seems unduly profligate. Something is wrong here, particularly given the fact that he teaches only two classes.

I do not suggest that Mr. Miller is at fault. As Mark Twain once said, “I am opposed to millionaires on general principles, but don’t ever be so foolish as to offer me the job.”

It is ridiculous contracts such as this, along with the infamous “salary bumping” system which threatens, at the very least, to reduce even existing TRS pensions and has resulted in TRS being included among the five poorest-funded municipal pension systems in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ronald Smith