Come and visit with your friends while enjoying the All You Can Eat White Fence Farm Chicken Dinner on April 15. Join us for a delicious meal of chicken, fritters, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, coffee, punch and cake.

The event is sponsored by the Riverside Township Lions Club and will be held on Sunday, April 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Riverside Township Hall at 27 Riverside Road. The cost is $11 for adults, $5 for children ages 3 to 9. Carryouts are $11.

Proceeds will be donated to organizations that assist people who are blind or hearing impaired. Donations will also be made to local charities that assist children and adults who have physical or mental health difficulties, including Aging Care Connections, Helping Hand, People Care, Pillars and Seguin Services.

Funds are also provided to the anti-drug programs at Hauser Junior High and RB High School; the vision services offered by North Riverside and Riverside libraries; North Riverside and Riverside historical commissions; Riverside Township Food Pantry; Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and Explorer Scouts.

Thank you for supporting these organizations that do so much to help our community.

Bill Scanlon
Riverside Township Lions Club