Ryan Evans, a seventh-grade social studies teacher at S.E. Gross Middle School will become the assistant principal at that institution next year. The District 95 school board unanimously voted to hire Evans who also is a member of the Brookfield Village Board.

Evans, who will be paid $60,000 in his new job, will replace Wayne Porod who is retiring after a long career in District 95. Porod has served as assistant principal at Gross School for the last two years after many years as a teacher and counselor.

“I’m excited that I can extend my role here at the school from teacher into administrator,” Evans said. “I think that I can work with all the grade levels of students now, making respectful, responsible citizens and also helping staff in their craft.”

Study skills class expands at Gross School

S.E. Gross Middle School Principal Todd Fitzgerald announced on April 12 that the "executive functioning" program that has been piloted at Gross this year will be rolled out to all students there next year.

The program teaches time management, goal setting, materials management and study skills. The program is also being used at Riverside-Brookfield High School.

"All students will have binders and color-coded folders for each subject," Fitzgerald said. "Same colors as RB. We're going to be working with students to plan out each day well beyond 3 p.m. Executive functioning is not only essential to being successful in high school, but later in life. This is a great program. I can't tell you how excited the high school is that we are using it."

Because the executive functioning program will be expanded to the entire school next year, the STAR program for at-risk students will be ended.

"A good part of the STAR program was helping them use their time wisely," Fitzgerald said.

But students who need academic help won't be forgotten.

"We know that there are a couple of sixth-graders and seventh-graders who need more academic support, and we are looking at ways to implement that," Fitzgerald said.