For the third time in recent weeks, I stopped at the Riverside police station to report that I nearly was hit by cars that did not stop while I was in the marked crosswalk in front of the Riverside Township Hall.

When meetings occur in that building (very often in early evenings) and parking is at a premium, it is often necessary to find parking on streets north of the building, and one needs to cross Riverside Road on foot.

On April 17 at approximately 7 p.m., two cars zipped past traveling east while I was in the middle of that crosswalk carrying a heavy box. Fortunately the third car stopped. The police clerk at the desk asked me what she could do about it when I reported it. My previous reports were also met with nearly the same platitudes, although a bit more concern was given.

While one should always cross any street with caution (and I do), may I suggest that if that “state law” sign sitting in the middle of the crosswalk will not be respected and the law not enforced, it be replaced with a larger sign that says, “Pedestrians: Cross at your own risk.”

Ellie Babka