The Brookfield Police Department and the village’s board of trustees honored longtime crossing guard Arlene Wray, who retired from her post after 25 years of service.

Wray received plaques of appreciation from both the village of Brookfield and the Township of Lyons Board of Trustees, a letter of appreciation from Hollywood School Principal Mindy Keller and cards from Hollywood School students.

“We entrust our greatest assets to our crossing guards, our children'” said Brookfield Police Lt. James Burdett, at a ceremony honoring Wray on May 29 at the meeting of the Brookfield Village Board. “Day in and day out they protect our children. … They do this to fulfill a sense of greater community service.”

Wray has long crossed students at the corner of Hollywood and Washington avenues near Hollywood School.

Lt. Edward Petrak, who was the department’s crossing guard supervisor for many years called Wray “part of our police family” and the letter from Keller.

“Thanks to your unwavering commitment to student safety Hollywood parents, teachers and community members be can assured that our neighborhood children arrive safely to school each morning and return safely back home each afternoon,” Keller wrote.

Through the years, she also served as a crossing guard at other locations in the village.