Wanted to share a quick thank you to the Brookfield Conservation Commission for the fabulous day to “Meet the Creek” held at Kiwanis Park. My granddaughter, August, and I spent hours enjoying the activities and adventures provided.

Bob Basanich and his son Henry invited August to join them on a canoe trip. They came back with several stories including their efforts to rescue a drowning bird and seeing a turtle taking in some sun on a creek side log.

Equally captivating was the hands-on herpetology exhibit. There was a corn snake, black snake and several others, most of which I recognized from my childhood growing up in rural Lake County. There were turtles and a tortoise in a faux “sand” box. The children and adults needed little encouragement to pick up and handle these reptiles of the Chicago land area.

Thank you, Brookfield Conservation Commission for bringing this annual event, truly a thrilling and enriching contribution to our community.

Sandy Baumgardner