The Riverside village board did its job Monday night, choosing to accept any political fallout and move ahead with the notching of the Hofmann Dam next Monday.

No set of numbers was going to placate every opponent of the project. Delayed six days or six months, the result of the dam-notching was going to be the same.

Had the village chosen to simply lock its doors to the Army Corps and IDNR, we have every reason to believe that the agencies either would have gone ahead with the notching anyway or simply walked away, leaving the village in a worse spot than it started.

While one sentence in a letter to residents about mitigating ‘unidentified impacts” upstream of the dam is not exactly an iron-clad guarantee, we remain optimistic that the village will craft the kind of guarantee that concerned residents can accept.

Throughout this entire process, the village has been responsive to concerns of residents and has negotiated improvements for Riverside that were not initially in the contract.

Therefs no reason to believe the village will stop now.@

Tales of red tape

As many of the Landmarkfs readers know, for the past eight years or so our company has been a proud participant in the Brookfield Fourth of July Parade.

Wefll be there again this year and happily, but we have to say that itfs getting to be a bit of a pain in the neck. Not the walking and tossing candy to the kids – thatfs the great part.

The bit wefre talking about is the villagefs ever-increasing requests for indemnification in order to participate. In years gone by, you signed an insurance waiver and that was it. As far as we know, no onefs ever sued the village for a parade-related mishap, so it would seem as if that is enough.

Still, if some kid darts out into traffic to grab a piece of candy and gets hit by the vehicle of a parade participant, we could see how the village would want better coverage.

So this year they asked for a certificate of insurance and an endorsement indemnifying the village. For a company like ours, thatfs no big deal. Done and done.

But after turning those documents in, comes yet another request – this time for a copy of the insurance card for the vehicle to be used in the parade. Will the village be asking for anything else? Itfd be nice to know up front.

Now this is not a big deal, but wefre getting into serious pain-in-the-neck territory. We donft know how everybody else rolls out there, but over here at Landmark parade HQ, itfs kind of an informal operation.

Sometimes we get a rental, sometimes a car dealership provides a swanky vehicle gratis, and some years the editor borrows his momfs candy-apple red VW because it looks swell with blue and white decorations.

Often these details get settled on July 3 because really we donft like spending a whole lot of effort wrestling with such things. Itfs a parade.