I conducted another flag study for the Fourth of July, this time from 26th Street to the forest preserve to 31st Street and Prairie Avenue to Maple and then 31st Street to the railroad tracks and Kemman to Prairie.

The block with the most flags flying was the 3600 block of Grand Boulevard with 21 flags (give yourselves a round of applause).

It was a tie with for number of blocks with no flags flying – 18 blocks. There were 14 blocks with one flag, 18 with two flags, 21 with three flags, 15 with four flags, 17 with five flags, 22 with six flags, 19 with seven flags, nine with eight flags, three with nine flags, four with 10 flags, three with 11 flags and two with 12 flags.

I want to see more flags on Tuesday, Sept. 11. For those of you without a flag, go to the store and please hang it. I do not want miniature ones; I want big ones.

Steven Lifka