If you have received a letter from the Brookfield police alerting you that you’ve got at least five unpaid parking tickets and that further inaction could lead to your car being booted, be forewarned.

It’s officially booting season.

Since July 23, Brookfield police have booted seven vehicles – including five last week – and letters to scofflaws continue to be sent out by police, who intend on booting vehicles for the foreseeable future.

“Every week a whole new batch of letters gets sent out,” said Lt. James Episcopo. “There are more than 100 on the list of those eligible who have at least five unpaid parking tickets.”

Those letters are having the desired effect, said Episcopo. Since the department started sending out warning letters on June 4, Brookfield police have received about $10,000 in outstanding fines. About half that amount came as a result of someone receiving a letter.

“It’s definitely working,” Episcopo said.

As of Monday, the department had sent out 35 warning letters.

“One guy came in and paid his fines because he saw a boot on another car on his street,” said Episcopo.

Brookfield decide to revive its booting program earlier this year after a check of department records indicated there were 71 people in 2011 who had five or more unpaid parking tickets. With a $15 late fee tacked onto the original ticket, the department figured it was owed about $30,000 from scofflaws. One person, it was revealed, had 62 unpaid parking tickets in 2011.

If your vehicle is booted, you’ll have to pay the outstanding fines owed to the village – in addition to a $500 immobilization fee – before the boot is removed.

This story has been changed to correct the immobilization fee charged by the village of Brookfield. The fee is $500.