When Doris Stanek retired in 2010 after 23 years in the classroom, she didn’t say goodbye to the district; she just changed jobs. In April 2011, Stanek was elected to the District 95 Board of Education – indeed, she received the most votes of the four candidates who ran.

But on Monday, Stanek officially resigned from the board, citing personal family reasons.

“It was really a family-geared decision,” said Stanek from her LaGrange Park home on Monday afternoon. “It had nothing to do with the school board or school district. It was a personal family situation that’s going to take more time than I have.”

School board President James Landahl said Stanek brought a unique perspective to the table as someone who worked in education.

“She brought the professional educator’s perspective to the board, which is very healthy,” Landahl said. “That’s a great resource to have on any board, and her perspective will be missed by the board of education.”

Stanek, a longtime language arts teacher at S.E. Gross Middle School, said she enjoyed her time on the board and felt she was accepted wholeheartedly by her one-time employers.

“I loved it,” she said. “Everybody was very welcoming, and I felt very useful and honored. [Leaving the board] wasn’t an easy decision to make, and I struggled with it, but the time isn’t there.”

She also enjoyed seeing education through the board’s lens after so many years in the classroom.

“It does give you a whole different insight and better understanding of what goes on,” Stanek said. “It was a wonderful education.”

The district has 45 calendar days to name a replacement for Stanek. Resumes from interested candidates can be submitted to the board of education through the superintendent’s office at S.E. Gross School, 3524 Maple Ave. in Brookfield, until Sept. 7.

Landahl said the school board will interview candidates on Sept. 13, prior to naming Stanek’s replacement at their board meeting on Sept. 27.

Whoever is chosen for the job will serve until April 2013, when the next election is held. Whoever wins the election for the remainder of the unexpired term will serve until 2015.