Next week, a pair of suburban fitness enthusiasts will bring their preferred brand of intense athleticism to Brookfield when they open a CrossFit gym in an old service garage space at 9100 Plainfield Road.

CrossFit Posted is slated to open Monday, Aug. 27, said co-owner Matt Krupinski, who partnered with his friend, Jason Hill, to make the business a reality.

The gym combines elements of a traditional gym – classes for members who pay monthly fees – with aspects of personal training. Classes are typically small and can be scaled to suit the abilities of each participant.

While the gym is individually owned by Hill and Krupinski, it’s affiliated with CrossFit, a fitness company founded by former gymnast Greg Glassman. CrossFit gyms are not exactly franchises. They use the system’s intense exercise concept, which emphasizes weightlifting, core training and body weight exercises, such as pull-ups, squats and push-ups.

“The biggest thing is functional movements, things you do in everyday life,” said Krupinski, a 30-year-old resident of Downers Grove. “No bicep curls happen in nature. These are things you can use anytime, anywhere. They are constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity.”

While the gym follows the CrossFit method, it operates independently. Owners are free to create, in Krupinski’s words, “a local community.”

“They let the entrepreneurial spirit run wild,” said Krupinski of CrossFit’s hands-off relationship with their affiliates.

The second part of the name of the Brookfield gym, “Posted,” reflects the intense nature of the system. Hill and Krupinski for the past four years have done CrossFit workouts where they could – local gyms, girlfriends’ basements – and when they finished a workout, they would “post” their results on a white board.

“So when we went to apply to open our box we wanted to go with them and build a culture around that,” Krupinski said. CrossFit revels in its own particular lingo, like “box” (another name for the gym), names for particular workout routines and its codename for workout of the day, “WOD.”

Part of the insider nature of the concept is the gym itself. It’s no Hollywood affair with weight machines and walls of mirrors. It’s free weights, pull-up racks, mats, rowing machines, jump ropes and boxes to jump on.

CrossFit Posted plans to run three classes per day in the evenings, Monday through Friday, and two on Saturday. Classes will be limited to 10 people, Krupinski said, and more classes could be added if the demand is there.

Membership is not cheap. While Krupinski said the gym hasn’t published its fee structure yet, the typical CrossFit membership will run you $150 per month. While that’s quite a bit more than you’d pay at the YMCA or another gym, Krupinski said the personal training aspect accounts for the difference. While you can get personal training at other gyms, getting it four or five times a week would cost much more per month.

CrossFit Posted plans to run membership drives prior to opening on Aug. 27. The gym’s website can be found at