I just wanted to comment regarding the recent letter from a Brookfield resident against the proposed new library building (“Brookfield Library plan flawed, excessive,” Letters, Sept. 5).

He wrote in his letter that “the digital conversion of reading and research material actually has reduced the need for a large physical library presence.”

For me, a library is more than the books and other materials it holds. A library is about community. It’s a place to gather and share ideas through book clubs and presentations. It’s a place for educating children through story times and reading programs. It’s where I, and my sometimes rambunctious 5-year-old son, have always been made welcome.

I find the thought that technology will make libraries irrelevant both erroneous and depressing. No matter how much material is stored online and made available to people on their computers and e-readers, it cannot replace the numerous benefits that a library brings to the community.

I still think there’s a real need for a library, and yes, an improved library building, in Brookfield.

Kathleen Misovic