A Cook County grand jury on Sept. 14 indicted LaGrange Park resident Carl Spoeri, charging him with two counts of first-degree murder in the death of Brookfield resident Bojan Zigic in August.

Spoeri, 55, is accused of beating the 26-year-old Zigic so severely during an altercation in front of Spoeri’s home on Aug. 20 that it caused his death three days later. Spoeri reportedly punched Zigic in the head twice and then slapped him.

As he was falling to the ground, Zigic’s head hit the bumper of a vehicle. Zigic never regained consciousness and died three days later from his injuries. Spoeri was arrested at the scene of the altercation and was charged with first-degree murder on Sept. 23. He remains free on bond.

Spoeri’s attorney, James Chess, contends that Zigic’s death was accidental and that Spoeri never meant to cause him serious harm. Zigic was engaged to Spoeri’s stepdaughter and the two had been living at the Spoeri home since December. In May, the couple had a son.

On Aug. 20, Spoeri and Zigic had an argument that ended when Spoeri reportedly punched Zigic, who then rented a truck and vowed to move himself and Spoeri’s stepdaughter out of the house.

Later that day, just as Zigic and some friends had finished packing up the moving truck, Spoeri drove home from work and confronted Zigic in front of the house. It was during that altercation that Spoeri allegedly caused the injuries that led to Zigic’s death.

The case has been assigned to Judge Carol Kipperman, and Spoeri’s next court date is scheduled for Oct. 4 in Room 107 of the Maybrook courthouse.

-Bob Uphues