I am fascinated by Steven Lifka’s survey of homes flying the flag (“Sad flag totals on Sept. 11,” Letters, Sept. 19). I agree that a display of flags is a beautiful sight and I try to remember to fly mine when appropriate.

But I cannot say how strongly I disagree with the statement that “it is pretty sad that no one cares for America” because Brookfield didn’t fly as many flags as he would like. That’s like saying that because I don’t kiss my wife whenever I see her that I don’t love her.

Flying the flag is only one way people show their love of America. Others do it less obviously. For example, I would say that someone who never flies a flag but reads news from reputable sources, stays informed about issues from all sides of the debate and votes in every election is far more patriotic than someone who flies a flag on his house on every holiday, has another flapping from his car window, and another on his lapel pin, but only listens to partisan radio shows, spews venom about our elected officials and can’t be bothered to vote.

I’m not saying that this describes Mr. Lifka, I am just saying that he is painting with way too broad a brush. Many Americans who love their country don’t fly flags. They find other ways to express their love.

Craig Goldwyn