I am saddened to see two prominent Riversiders being unnecessarily maligned after all of the hard work and volunteer efforts they have put into the RBHS Foundation. Joanne Kosey and David C. Newman are known for their dedication to the village of Riverside and Riverside Brookfield High School. They are lifelong Riversiders who understand that integrity is valued here and that sniping and political aggrandizement are not appreciated here.

Ms. Kosey has been a Lions Club/Chamber Person of the Year for Riverside, and Mr. Newman might as well hold that title as well, due to all the time he has spent in bettering the village and the high school with no thoughts of self-promotion. He and Ms. Kosey do not need Chicagoesque talk shows or public relations to be held in high esteem here. They do not just do the talk, they do the walk, as a person late to the village might not know or understand.

Suffice it to say, I and others in the village and surroundings find the constant din of a failed RBHS school board candidate to be unworthy of the lives and reputations of Ms. Kosey and Mr. Newman, both of whom are exemplary. The RBHS board has done all that is necessary to make the foundation’s ledger public. Anything more than that is just publicity-seeking on the part of a would-be and perpetual critic who needs to get off his soapbox so as to put the kind of time and effort into the community and high school that would qualify him as more than just a bitter election loser.

Kathleen Snyder

Editor’s note: Joanne Kosey is also a freelance columnist for the Landmark.

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