The Brookfield Village Board of Trustees voted unanimously Monday night to give Village Manager Riccardo Ginex a 2½ percent salary increase. The raise, which will take effect retroactively to Jan. 1, 2012, will bring Ginex’s salary up to $141,996.77.

Ginex became Brookfield’s village manager in September 2005 and he usually receives a raise around the anniversary of his start date. The vote to approve the raise came after the village board met in closed session for 42 minutes.

Village President Michael Garvey said Ginex has the unanimous support of the village board and that Ginex has a done a good job of guiding Brookfield through difficult times.

“I personally would like to thank Rick for the excellent job he’s done this year,” Garvey said before the vote. “It has been a very busy time. We are in a period where we are on the upswing. We have excellent staff, management employees that we have retained. We have brought in new employees. I know the team that Rick has assembled has been the basis for that, but he’s the head of the team.”

Ginex thanked the board.

“I’m excited that the board is very supportive of me,” Ginex said after the vote. “I enjoy my job here. I’ve enjoyed the last eight years. I think we’ve really accomplished a lot and really come a long way in those eight years, especially going through the tough times with the finances. We have been able to put money away in reserves so we’ve made some strides in tough times.”

Ginex’s raise of 2½ percent is in line with the raises that other non-union village employees have received this year.

-Bob Skolnik