After another successful season, Riverside’s Farmers Market folded their tents last Wednesday. The final day was a tribute to fall with seasonal apples, gourds, squash in myriad colors for consuming and decorating. Baked goods were among the treats that pleased the palates of many during the market’s duration. Thanking the various vendors and wishing them well, we expressed the hopes that our favorites would return next season.

Each had their story but none as interesting as Farmer Devon, a member of the Amish community from LaGrange, Ind. He was brought to my attention by Riversider Jason Leander. The Leander family has a home located near LaGrange and had become acquainted with Farmer Devon (as he likes to be called) when they began to visit his stand in Indiana.

He was part of CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, along with other local farmers in his area. As the Leanders and Farmer Devon became friends, Jason asked if he would be interested in participating in Riverside’s market, and that is how the Amish came to Riverside, but it wasn’t that easy for them to get here because the Amish do not drive. Arrangements were made for a driver to make the weekly trek to Riverside for Farmer Devon and members of his family.

His farm consists of 21 acres, 4 acres of which are devoted to produce, with a greenhouse where they grow strawberries – with all members of the family assisting in some way on the farm. He hopes at some point that he can have more greenhouses where he can grow plants, work the acres full time and quit his other job, which is – are you ready for this? – working in a factory that makes RVs.

The experience for Farmer Devon and his family was a good one, he says, and he hopes to be back next year. He did have time to see some of the village when he first came here and said, “I enjoyed coming here and it is a great little town.” I agree.

It was interesting talking with Farmer Devon, who in many ways lives a much simpler life than most of us. There is much we can learn from each other if we only listen. Riverside’s Farmers Market is done for 2012, but there is still time to visit Brookfield’s market on Saturday mornings. It runs through October.