We have village elections coming up in April. Everyone knows it’s just going to be a reshuffling of the same ol’ deck. If we organize now and start showing up with a list of agenda items in large groups, Brookfield might stand a chance to take a few steps forward this next round. I just learned today that we live in the most visited town in the state because of the zoo. Most visited! How does that happen and we still have no economic development going on? Because we need bridge-builders on the board. And that won’t be a priority for them until they know there’s a lot of people in town who are demanding to see it happen.

Second, are you aware that there have been no fewer than three heroin overdoses (resulting in death) recently? As a shop owner, I can certainly testify that there’s a much bigger issue with heroin in this town than anyone who leaves to commute downtown every day. When I worked downtown, I was so blissfully unaware. But now that my door is open all day, I see heartbreaking faces living heartbreaking lives. Heroin is cheap these days and people are struggling. There’s no public voice talking about this, educating the kids, making sure there is education about this dangerous drug. We’ve been talking about meth for so long that we stopped telling kids that there are other horrible drugs out there that can ruin their lives.

So much needs to be done to pick this town up by its bootstraps. We have incredible potential. I am not alone in wondering why it’s not being fulfilled. The same ol’ same ol’ team is not going to get it done. Not unless we as citizens tell them in a very loud voice that we not only expect it, we demand it!

So please, please get out there, talk to your neighbors, and show up at the board meetings.

Alana Waters-Piper