When I read the recent article in the Landmark that the board was thinking of hiring an additional administrator, because the combined salary of the two people retiring would be so much greater than the two new hires (D96 might get 3 for the price of 2,” News, Oct. 10), I cannot explain how disappointed I am in this position of the board.

If I am not in error, the combined salary plus TRS contribution of the Superintendent and principal is $480,363.96. To begin with this is a ridiculous amount.

Lamberson’s salary and TRS cost the taxpayers $321,086.74. How on earth do you justify this cost for a superintendent that looks over five schools and 1,551 students (2010-2011 annual report to the ISBE) and compare it to the Chicago Public Schools CEO salary of $250,000, looking over 400-plus schools and 300,000-plus students.

Lamberson got a bump in salary for his last couple of years so he would get more in retirement. No person cannot be replaced, including him. The retirement system of Illinois, which includes TRS, is in deep water over funding and future benefits. Why on earth would the school board want to create a bigger problem?

If you hire a superintendent for $190,000 and principal for $140,000 plus another administrator for $125,000 you have $455,000 in salary alone, not including the most stupid idea of paying their retirement costs to TRS. After one or two years, your costs for three people are more than what you are paying the two retirees now.

In 2012, our tax bill for District 96 was 41.33 percent of our total tax bill. Ms. Meindl, this spending has to stop.

The district did extensive remodeling of three schools, partially paid from an excess amount in the educational fund. I am sure the board wanted to reduce this amount before a new teachers contract is negotiated, so the union won’t ask for 6 percent a year.

Good schools might increase property values, but high real estate taxes also bring them down. You must stop this uncontrolled spending.

Any new contract should follow what was done by District 95 where teacher/administrator raises are tied to the cost of living. Control your spending; the taxpayers have a limited amount of ability to pay for needless increase in staff and the building of palaces.

Paul Marhoul