Five months after Riverside police suspended a law prohibiting turns onto Lionel Road during rush hour, residents will get another chance to sound off on the issue.

On Thursday, Oct. 18, the Riverside Safe Environment Commission will meet at 6:30 p.m. in Room 27 of Riverside Township Hall, 27 Riverside Road. After hearing testimony from residents, both in person and in writing, the commission can either recommend reinstituting the no-turn restriction or getting rid of it completely.

The commission is an advisory group. Any change in the law would need the approval of the Riverside Village Board of Trustees.

For more than a decade, turns onto Lionel Road from Ogden Avenue were prohibited from 7 to 9 a.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m. At the time, residents of Lionel Road complained that motorists were using the residential street as a cut-through after the village made Miller Road a one-way street going south.

But in May, 48 residents of the area signed a petition and presented it to the Safe Environment Commission, asking for a change in the law. The no-turn law, according to the petition, “unnecessarily inconvenienced” residents of the area.

At first, residents called for only Riverside residents to be allowed to turn onto Lionel Road during rush hour. However, Police Chief Thomas Weitzel explained that the law would have to be applied evenly, leading to the trial period, which began June 15.

Weitzel said he has stationed police officers periodically near the intersection since June. Police have issued some tickets for speeding and for ignoring stop signs.

“There have not been many traffic-volume complaints,” said Weitzel.

As of Oct. 12, four residents had emailed Weitzel asking for the no-turn rule to be reinstituted. Those emails will be read into the record on Oct. 18. Residents of Lionel Road all the way to Miller Road and residents of Delaplaine Road all the way to Blackhawk Road were personally notified by letter of the Oct. 18 hearing, said Weitzel.

-Bob Uphues