Don Volpe, the owner of the Cordial Inn at 9207 31st St. in Brookfield, says don’t blame his establishment for any part in the Oct. 17 incident in which a van crashed into a utility pole and traffic control box, shutting down the intersection of 31st Street and Maple Avenue for hours.

After the crash, a witness told Brookfield police that she saw the silver van that caused the wreckage pull out of the tavern’s parking lot, which is to the west of the building, and head east on 31st Street, half on the road and half on the parkway, before hitting the pole on the southeast corner of 31st and Maple.

But Volpe said last week that the man identified as the driver of the van had not been at his bar that day. In a supplemental police report, the driver of the van told police he had been at his mother’s house in the 3100 block of Arthur Avenue prior to the crash. Arthur Avenue is about a quarter of a block west of Cordial Inn.

“Arthur is the next street over,” said Volpe. “The guy was not at our place.”

The Riverside man who was reportedly driving the van at the time of the crash was given several traffic citations and has a court date of Nov. 13 at Maybrook courthouse.

-Bob Uphues