Trustees unanimously backed a separate plan to hold the line on fees charged to residents for paramedic services. In addition to the property taxes used to pay the village’s roughly $400,000 line item in the budget for paramedic services, the village bills insurance companies of patients who use those services.

Residents pay less than non-residents for both basic and advanced paramedic services. In order to increase revenues to cover the cost of paramedic services provided by the village, staff had proposed raising the rates charged to both non-residents and residents for paramedic services.

While non-resident rates were proposed to increase across the board in 2013, staff also asked that residents’ rates for some advanced paramedic services be increased by $150. Trustees balked at that request, however, and asked Village Manager Peter Scalera to recommend finding a way to pass that $150 to non-residents.

Scalera said he’ll make his recommendation at the Nov. 5 village board meeting.